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Caroline McCaul – Tips For Learning to Play An Instrument

Caroline McCaul is passionate about music and has attended the Strum Music School to learn how to play the guitar, in addition to working on her vocals. She aims to become the CEO of a company that makes use of music in an innovative fashion at some point in the near future, so she is always keen to help the next generation of musicians get started. Here are some tips that should help those who are learning how to play a new instrument.

Caroline McCaul

Practice Scales

While they may be a little tedious to people who just want to jump right in and play their favorite songs, playing scales regularly will allow you to develop the muscle memory needed in order to master your instrument. They are also important as they relate to musical theory, so spend time understanding and playing them.

Practice Every Day

The earliest days of learning a musical instrument are often the most difficult as you will often see very little progress in the first few weeks. This leads many people to quit before they have really gotten started. Remember that being good at anything requires practice so keep plugging away and you will start to see improvement.

Enjoy Yourself

While Caroline McCaul notes that the technical aspects of music are important, you also need to enjoy what you’re playing once in a while. Seek out pieces of music that match your skill level and that you enjoy so that you don’t focus solely on technical exercises.

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