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Caroline McCaul’s Grandfather Founds Clear Channel Communications

Lowry Mays and B.J. McCombs founded Clear Channel Communications in 1972. iHeartMedia, as it is known today, owns more than 850 AM and FM radio stations in the United States, the largest owner of radio stations in the country. iHeartMedia also specializes in outdoor advertising through Clear Channel Holdings.

Caroline McCaulLowry Mays, Caroline McCaul’s grandfather, and his partner purchased the first radio stations outside San Antonio in 1976, KXXO and KMOD in Tulsa. Port Arthur Texas, KPAC, and El Paso, KELP also joined the Clear Channel family. 43 radio stations and 16 TV stations were part of Clear Channel by 1995. Eventually, Clear Channel would purchase 70 other media companies and stations. Clear Channel moved into outdoor advertising with its purchase of Eller Media in 1997. Clear Channel also moved outside of the U.S. with acquisitions in the United Kingdom and China. Clear Channel split into 3 different companies in 2005: radio broadcasting with Clear Channel Communications, Clear Channel outdoor, and Live Nation. Caroline McCaul’s family, the Mays family, continued to control the various facets of Clear Channel with Mark Mays as CEO of Radio and Outdoor, and Randal Mays as chairman of Live Nation. Mark and Randall are Caroline McCaul’s uncles, part of a family with deep Texas roots.

In 2010, Caroline’s Uncle Mark retained his position as Chairman of the Board, while Clear Channel began a search for a new CEO. In 2011, Robert Pittman was named CEO of Clear Channel. Clear Channel was bought out in 2007, ending its 35 years as a public company. iHeartMedia is the largest radio station group owner in the United States, with 850 stations.

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Caroline McCaul Believes in NHS Motto – “Nobility Obligates”

The National Honor Society caught on quickly in the 1920’s, and as a leading educational group in the country created a constitution, an emblem and a motto. Today it is estimated that over a million students are part of the NHS, with chapters of the National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society in all 50 states, including Caroline McCaul’s Westlake High School, Puerto Rico, a majority of U.S. territories, the District of Columbia and Canada. There are also NHS groups in parts of Asia and in Pakistan, as well as international and American schools worldwide.

Caroline McCaul

Caroline McCaul

The National Honor Society sets as its goals a desire to create enthusiasm for high academic scholarship, as well as a driven need to give service to communities. The NHS works to promote leadership skills in its members, and to foster strong character in secondary school students. The motto of the NHS is noblesse oblige, or “nobility obligates”. The motto dictates that those who claim to be noble, must conduct themselves nobly, and must act in a way that conforms with the reputation and position earned. The motto is especially meaningful for Caroline McCaul, who strives to make her family proud.

The National Honor Society has ties with the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the National Junior Honor Society and National Elementary Honor Society, and the National Association of Student Councils. The National Art Honor Society, which states its purpose as moving student members to their highest potential in all forms of art, and Mu Alpha Theta, the U.S. mathematics honor society, which inspires interest in and scholarship in mathematics, also are affiliated organizations with NHS.

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Caroline McCaul – Texas Yields the Mineral Wealth to Build the University of Texas

On November 17, 1882, on the original “College Hill,” an official ceremony was held to commemorate the laying of the cornerstone of the Old Main building. University President Ashbel Smith, presiding over the ceremony prophetically proclaimed: “Texas holds embedded in its earth rocks and minerals which now lie idle because unknown, resources of incalculable industrial utility, of wealth and power. Smite the earth, smite the rocks with the rod of knowledge and fountains of unstinted wealth will gush forth.” Smith’s words were prophetic. The Permanent University Fund, which enabled UT to be born after oil was discovered on university land, now provides 30 percent of the University’s endowment of $7.2 billion, the largest endowment of any public university in the U.S.

Caroline McCaulUT Austin believes Greek life supports and promotes cultural appreciation and scholarship, as well as leadership qualities and service to the community. Caroline McCaul has familial connections to several Greek chapters, including Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi, joined by her Grandmothers Frances Lott McCaul and Peggy Pitman Mays. Her aunt Kathy Mays Johnson was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta at SMU, and Aunt Patti Sullivan Mays was a member of Delta Delta Delta at Vanderbilt University.

Caroline McCaul has enrolled in the elite Communications College at University of Texas in Austin, with 20 Pulitzer Prizes awarded to former students. Alumni of the UT Austin College of Communications include Walter Cronkite, Betty Nguyen, and novelist Raymond Benson, among others. 28 Rhodes Scholars, 26 Truman Scholars, 20 Marshall Scholars and 9 astronauts call the University of Texas at Austin their alma mater. Caroline McCaul joins other notable performing artists from UT Austin, including Janis Joplin, Jayne Mansfield, Eli Wallach and Matthew MConaughey.

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Caroline McCaul Follows in the Footsteps of her Texas Family

The leading institution of the University System of Texas, the University of Texas at Austin, is known colloquially as a “Public Ivy”. Currently UT Austin, located only 1 mile from the Texas State Capitol building in Austin, has the 5th largest campus enrollment in the U.S., in excess of 50,000 students, with approximately 24,000 staff members and instructors. “Public Ivy” is a moniker reserved for those public universities regarded as providing a quality of education on a par with Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Princeton. Caroline McCaul, high school senior at Westlake High School in Austin, has decided upon UT Austin for her next phase of academic achievement, following in the footsteps of her maternal and paternal grandmothers, her paternal grandfather, and an uncle, all of whom graduated from this prestigious university.

Caroline McCaul

Caroline McCaul

The University of Texas at Austin originated in a constitutional promise by the Mexican government in 1827 to establish an arts and sciences public education program. When Texas attained independence from Mexico, the new Texas Congress made provision for a general system of education, in 1836. Again, in 1838, a special committee of the Texas Congress presented an “Act to Establish the University of Texas”. In 1839, the Congress of Texas decided to set aside 288,000 acres for a university, with 40 acres of that to be designated as College Hill. When Texas became part of the United States, the Constitution of Texas of 1845 did not mention higher education. Caroline McCaul would have a family legacy at University of Texas at Austin, but first the Texas legislators of 150 years ago would have to fight for it.

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