Caroline McCaul – Guitar and Voice

14 Sep

Caroline McCaul is a recent graduate of Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, where she was a member of the National Honor Society for High School Scholars and racked up a 99.3 weighted Grade Point Average.

Caroline McCaul

Caroline McCaul

“I have a unique ability that combines a giving and sensitive heart with a keen intellect and a love of music that will make me successful,” she says. She pursued her interest in music throughout her high school years, studying voice and guitar at the Strum Music School in Austin. The instructors at Strum bring out the best in their students by focusing on each one’s unique interests and goals, and by creating a comfortable and relaxed environment in which to learn.
But there is no substitute for the hours of practice necessary to master any musical instrument. Playing guitar and singing, as Caroline McCaul does, has the added challenge of combining two disciplines that must be done simultaneously, and seamlessly. In order to do it right the musician must unite strumming and singing rhythms. Playing and singing may seem like they are separate things, but they are not.

A singer guitarist must first learn the notes and chords of the song they want to play, to the point where it is internalized and it can be played without really thinking about it. They need to learn the melody and lyrics to the song too, and to that same level of familiarity. Both aspects of the song are combined into a single unit.

Caroline McCaul studied voice and guitar with her teachers for four hours a week, and spent many more hours practicing to master the craft.

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