Caroline McCaul – SCUBA Diving

26 Aug

scuba divers is a thrilling underwater sport that allows divers to stay underwater for hours at a time, and explore the underwater world.

Caroline McCaul

Caroline McCaul

It’s a safe hobby that is fairly easy to learn. The word “scuba” is an acronym that stands for self- contained underwater breathing apparatus. Scuba divers use containers of compressed air to breath. There are many well-known scuba diving destinations around the world where divers can discover the beauty of marine life, or explore the mysteries of an old shipwreck. Most people are able to learn how to scuba dive in just a few days, and it’s a sport that doesn’t have many restrictions. Children as young as eight years old can learn to dive, and the only restrictions for older people are determined by their general health.

While there are professional scuba divers, the majority of do it recreationally, with the sole purpose of having some fun. There are different types of certification that are required, such as Open Water certification that certifies a diver to swim in depths of up to 130 feet. People dive in just about any place where there is water, but the most popular places for recreational divers include tropical coral reefs.

Caroline McCaul is a recent high school graduate from Austin, Texas. She received Open Water certification when she was a freshman in high school. She has traveled to Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Aruba, St. Martin and Turks and Caicos, among many other popular scuba diving destinations.

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